About Us

Our dogs are like family to us and we truly believe that we should ‘Treat Them Right’. As the owners of two beautiful dogs, we easily go through a seemingly endless amount of treats. With so many options when it comes to dog treats, we decided to carry out extensive searches into what constitutes a species appropriate diet for canines. From our research, we found that many treats currently available on the market do not provide the best nutrition for dogs, including; the addition of preservatives and additives, and the use of meat by-products. This was what prompted us to establish NomNom Pets, as a movement to encourage all owners to choose wisely when it comes to feeding their dogs.

NomNom Pets’ vision is to manufacture treats that are crafted to maximise both nutritional value and taste. We started with our signature handmade meat-based treats with added vegetables and herbs – these remain as our bestselling items. These signature products, brought to you from our kitchen to yours, are made with love from human-grade ingredients. They also contain no nasties – which mean they are preservative, additive, and grain free.

In addition, we now also offer a wider variety of products, including treats and long-lasting chews that have been sourced solely from within Australia and New Zealand. In line with our signature handmade products, sourced products also contain zero nasties. Here at NomNom Pets, we believe in nothing but the very best for our four legged family.

All of NomNom Pets’ products are taste tested and approved by the two dogs that inspired us to start up this movement; Donut, a Kelpie cross Labrador, and Ragnar, a Kelpie cross Chihuahua.

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